Quality Office Furniture at Rose

For over 60 years, Rose Office Furniture has been Melbourne’s leading supplier of office furniture to professionals and businesses of all sizes. With a comprehensive online store and showroom in Port Melbourne, we offer a wide range of modern and refined office furniture.

Our process has evolved over decades based on our company values of customer care, quality products and custom solutions. From the initial design consultation, all the way through to your fit-out and beyond, our friendly and dedicated team will guide you through everything. Read More.

Home Office Setup and Design Tips

When working from home, it’s important to have the right set up to ensure you remain productive and comfortable throughout the day. Your home office design can make all the difference in completing your projects on time and feeling organised.

Home Office Essentials

Working at home is an appealing concept to most people, but to make the most of it you need to have the home office essentials sorted. With the right home office essentials you can focus on your work and maintain a productive daily routine. Choosing the right office furniture is a must. You need a sturdy desk that provides you with enough surface space to hold your computer, notebook, pens, files and any other essentials. Comfort is paramount when it comes to working from home, especially when sitting at a desk all day. Having a high-quality chair will prevent back pain and keep you focused on the task at hand. Another consideration when it comes to ergonomics, is a standing desk. This can help you maintain good posture and physicality throughout the day. A messy home office is often not conducive to productive work. Keep your home office tidy and organised with plenty of storage. From filing cabinets to shelving units, at Rose Office Furniture we have all the office equipment in Melbourne you’ll need to set up an organised home office.

Optimising Your Home Office Space

It’s useful to separate your work and personal life as much as possible, though this can be challenging if you’re working from home. Optimising your workspace is something to consider on an ongoing basis if you want to get the most from each day. Giving your office a professional vibe can increase your motivation and keep you in the zone throughout the day. Be sure you keep all the items and supplies you need near your desk to set yourself up for efficient work and try to keep clutter to a minimum to limit distraction.

How to Maximise Productivity While Working From Home

The best office design in the world won’t do much good unless you take steps to maximise and maintain your productivity. Have a clear working routine that you follow everyday, with set start and finish times, as well as a lunch break. This will help you stay focused during your working hours and will also ensure you give yourself time to unwind and switch off from work at the end of the day. When working from home it can be all too easy to get distracted. If possible, set up your home office in a quiet area where you won’t be disturbed by family members and activity going on in other areas of your house. Whether you’re looking for commercial office furniture or storage solutions for your home office, for a great range of office furniture in Melbourne, Rose Office Furniture have you sorted.