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Our extensive range of executive office chairs is designed for maximum comfort and superior elegance. Together with our selection of executive office desks, executive office chairs can add an air of luxury and professionalism to any manager's office.

Made with high-quality materials, including genuine or vegan leather, mesh, and fabric, our executive chairs boast a range of premium features that add to the luxury of these executive chairs. Check out Rose Office Furniture's various models below.

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Executive Office Chairs

Executive Chairs vs. Ergonomic Chairs

Executive office chairs are larger and more stylish than standard office and task chairs, usually reserved for the heads of businesses and organisations. Built with high-quality materials and workmanship, these chairs put emphasis on comfort and elegance, adorning any office space with a hint of luxury. One look at an executive chair and a workplace's employees can identify that their boss sits there.

While other office chairs come with ergonomic features as standard, executive office chairs Melbourne business managers buy can have some of these features. These include retractable or adjustable arms, height-adjustable seating, and a reclining backrest. Not all executive office chairs feature an ergonomic design, so it pays to keep that in mind when making the right buying decision.

That said, Rose Office Furniture offers several examples of executive chairs with ergonomic features. If you want an executive chair with great lower back support, then our Tonto Executive Chair will be your best friend. With manually adjustable air-filled lumbar support, we're certain the Tonto model will be the right chair for you.

If you're looking for aesthetics and want something that looks good in your office space, our Alexa Executive Chair will tick all the boxes on your list. With its gorgeous leather upholstery and chrome finishes, this comfortable seat will be sure to impress you and your colleagues at work.

Executive office chairs are also great as boardroom chairs. Fill your boardroom or meeting room with a dozen of these chairs to help attendees in a meeting sit comfortably for long periods. Match them with surrounding executive furniture for the best effect.

Non-Leather Executive Office Chair Options Available

If leather executive chairs don't suit your fancy, we have non-leather executive office chair options, such as mesh. This material is designed to let air pass through more freely than leather, keeping you cool on the hottest workdays, particularly the summer months. They're also easier to maintain, as the mesh's breathability reduces the risk of forming stains.

Our range of non-leather good-quality chairs includes the Reed Executive Chair, which also comes with some ergonomic features like height-adjustable armrests. Meanwhile, our Josh Deluxe Executive Chair can come with an optional adjustable headrest for extra comfort.

Customise your executive chair any way you want. We offer fabric or mesh upholstery for the seat, as well as a wide range of colours to choose from. You'd want it to match the rest of your executive office furniture. Don't hesitate to consult our customer service team for ideas.

Supreme Comfort in the Office Setting, One Click and Collect Away

Rose Office Furniture's vast selection of standard and executive office chairs is eligible for our Click and Collect program. When you order via our website, we'll prepare it for pickup as fast as possible. You can opt to receive it in flat pack form to assemble later or already assembled for you to try immediately.

Our staff will let you know when your order is ready via email or SMS. When it is, you can head to our Dispatch area behind our showroom in Port Melbourne. We can also arrange for pickup at designated dates; please contact our team ahead of time.

Fast Delivery for Bulk Executive Office Chair Orders

For large orders of our mesh or leather office chairs, we offer fast and reliable office furniture delivery within Victoria. This works for businesses and organisations looking to overhaul their office environment through a major fitout. Let your executives sit in a comfortable position as soon as possible.

If you're ordering from outside Victoria, we’ve got you covered. We can arrange for third-party delivery services to bring your bulk executive chair orders. Contact our team to make the ideal arrangement.

Stay Comfortable with an Executive Office Chair

With a premium look and an array of adjustable features, an executive office chair can help managers, directors, and executives sit comfortably while managing office affairs. Get one for your workspace now!