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Discover the perfect seating solution for your informal meetings, kitchen spaces, and casual catch-ups with our range of High Bar Chairs, Stools, and Bench seats at Rose Office Furniture.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our seating solutions are not only stylish but also extremely durable, making them ideal for both commercial and residential use. 

Whether you're looking to furnish a trendy café, a highly used kitchen space, or a lively bar area, our collection has the perfect pieces to elevate your space. 

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Benches, Stools and High Bar Chairs

Comfortable, Durable and Practical - Benches, Stools, and High Bar Chairs at Rose Office Furniture

Benches: Benches are long seats that can accommodate several people at once. We find the most common use of our custom made Locker Room Bench Seat is of course what it is named after - a locker room!

At Rose Office Furniture our custom made bench seats are perfect for any change room offering a place where athletes, emergency service men and women, construction workers or fitness gurus can sit while changing or rest their personal belongings on. 

if space is limited, at Rose Office Furniture we find our lockers are the perfect addition to any change room or locker room. Strong and robust metal storage units, our lockers are typically used to store employees, students or fitness enthusiasts personal belongings or other commonly accessed equipment. 

Stools: Stools are typically small, backless seats that are often used in kitchens, bars, and restaurants. Designed to be lightweight and easy to move around, our Ergonomic Motion Stool is a popular choice in spaces where flexible seating is needed, but also assists in the promotion active movement and good posture.

High Bar Chairs: High bar chairs, or bar stools, are often used in spaces where higher seating is required, such as kitchenettes or quick meeting break out spaces. Like our Archie, High Bar chairs come in a variety of colours, materials, or designs to suit your needs. 

Browse the selection of benches, stools, and high bar chairs today at Rose Office Furniture and discover the perfect seating solution for your office space.