Our range of workstations at Rose Office Furniture is the affordable solution fit out any work environment - no matter the size! With a huge range of options including multi-divided workstations, single person stations or a deluxe Sit/Stand option, we are sure you will find just what you need with Rose Office Furniture.

With work desk solutions for any office space, Rose Office Furniture has a great range of quality office furniture

The right workstation can set the tone, and the use of multi-zoned workstations can create an open work environment. From single-person to multi-person workstations, our range of office furniture is well suited to stylish, modern offices. 

Quality office furniture

To create an optimal work environment and improve productivity you need to invest in the right desk

Good quality workstations provide your office with a professional look and allow you to make the most of open-plan office space by providing seating for multiple employees. 

The perfect addition to multi-use office spaces, our range of workstations features modern and sleek designs that will enhance the appearance of your office while providing a large working surface. 

Fulfil your office needs with quality furniture that will stand the test of time and look good for years to come. 

Flexible workspace

Workstations offer a flexible office solution that can assist with productivity and teamwork. They provide good use of space and are ideal for supporting a collaborative working environment. 

Rose Office Furniture offers a variety of sizes to suit your office needs, including multi-zoned workstations and single-person stations. 

Every workstation size provides unique benefits, with singular workstations allowing for privacy, boosting creativity and individuality. Whereas multi-person workstations are space-efficient, a good option for growing companies. Ideal for open space offices, multi-person workstations can increase collaboration and communication among employees. Privacy screens can be used when you need to get down to work and minimise distraction. 

We have corner workstations available, allowing you to maximise the available space. 

To encourage a more ergonomic way of working, we also have a deluxe Sit/Stand option and height-adjustable workstations available, so you can create the ideal set-up for optimal productivity and comfort. 

Office workstations Melbourne

Adaptable and functional workstations are ideal as an office computer desk or to encourage the creativity and productivity of a collaborative team. 

Having the right workstation is essential for productivity and efficiency. We offer a diverse range of products and workstation designs to suit any office or workspace. Whether you’re looking for a corner desk or a large workstation to sit up to four people, Rose Office Furniture has a range of shapes and sizes available. 

Explore our range of office workstations available online.