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At Rose Office Furniture, we know that office storage is the hero of any organised workplace.

From document storage in Filing Cabinets and Wall Units to keeping employees' items away in Lockers or Pedestals, with the biggest selection of storage available, we have the perfect storage solution for any requirement.

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Office Storage

Get Your Office Organised With Rose Office Furniture

Office storage is an essential element of any well-organised workspace. It includes furniture and equipment specifically designed to store documents, files, stationery, and other items that are commonly used in an office environment. The primary goal of office storage is to create a clutter-free, efficient, and productive workspace by organising all essential items in a structured manner.

There are different types of office storage solutions available, and the most common ones include pedestals, filing cabinets, buffets and credenzas, wall units and office storage cabinets and bookcases.

At Rose Office Furniture, our Rose Filing Cabinets come in 3 different colours and are often used for storing files and documents. At the same time, wall units are ideal for organising books, binders, and other reference materials.

Rose Office Furniture has a vast array of storage solutions all on display in our showroom, so we're sure you'll find the storage units to make your office an efficient and well-organised workspace.

Conquer the Clutter: Your Guide to Office Storage Solutions

A well-organised office is a productive work environment. But with papers piling up, equipment taking over desks, and documents overflowing, achieving this zen-like state can feel impossible. Fear not, for a wide array of office storage solutions exists, ready to tame the chaos and transform your work area into a haven of efficiency.

Buffet Credenza

These handsome storage units combine style and functionality, offering ample space for files, equipment, and display items. Perfect for reception areas, conference rooms, or executive offices, buffets and credenzas add a touch of sophistication while keeping clutter at bay.

Cupboard Bookcase

Whether you need to house a library of books or store office supplies, cupboards and bookcases provide essential storage space in a variety of sizes and styles. Choose from open shelves for easy access or enclosed depositories for discreet storage. Opt for timber options for warmth or sleek metal designs for a modern edge.

Filing Cabinet

The classic solution for document management, file cabinets come in a range of sizes and configurations to accommodate your needs. Keep files organised and easily accessible with vertical or lateral filing options, or choose a mobile option for added flexibility.


Mobile or fixed, pedestals are workhorse storage solutions, offering convenient access to frequently used items. Keep your desk clutter-free while storing files, stationery, and computer accessories within easy reach. Lockable drawers ensure the safety of your belongings, while the compact design maximises floor space. Discreetly tucked under desks, fixed pedestals offer convenient storage for everyday office essentials like stationery and computer accessories. Mobile pedestals are similar to fixed pedestals, but they have wheels, making them easy to move around. This makes them ideal for offices where flexibility and accessibility are important.


For personal storage in shared spaces, lockers offer a secure and organised solution. Choose from single or multi-compartment lockers, and select from various sizes and colours to match your office aesthetic.

Metal Storage Cabinet

Combining functionality with industrial chic, metal and industrial storage units are ideal for modern workspaces. These durable pieces are perfect for storing equipment and supplies, adding a touch of urban flair to your space.

Wall Unit

Maximise vertical spaces with sleek and efficient wall units. These versatile units offer ample storage for books, documents, equipment, and decorative items. Wall units are ideal for small offices or those seeking to optimize their floor space.

Explore our diverse range of office storage furniture so you can transform your workspace into a haven of organisation and productivity. So, banish the clutter and embrace the calm - a well-organised office awaits!

Declutter Your Workspace and Boost Your Productivity

Tired of a messy office? Does clutter distract you and hinder your productivity? Take control of your workspace with our comprehensive range of office storage solutions! We offer a diverse selection of furniture, from stylish buffets and credenzas to functional cupboards and bookcases, all designed to help you conquer the clutter and optimize your office space.

Organise your documents effortlessly with our sturdy file cabinets. Choose from mobile or lateral options, and keep your important papers secure and accessible. Maximise your floor space with fixed pedestals tucked under desks, offering convenient storage for everyday office essentials. Need a personal storage solution for shared spaces? Look no further than our secure and stylish lockers.

Enhance your home office with our space-saving wall units' shelves and drawers. Our metal and industrial products add a touch of modern flair, while mobile pedestals offer convenient access to your files and equipment.

Shop our extensive collection today and discover the perfect storage solutions to transform your office into a haven of efficiency. Browse our desks, chairs, office cupboards, and stationery to complete your workspace makeover. We're here to help you create a functional, stylish office that inspires productivity and success.

Contact us today and let us know your storage needs - our dedicated team will help you unlock the potential of your office space!