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Rose Office Furniture is here to help you create a healthier workspace for you and your employees. With a vast range of ergonomic options, including sit-stand desks and chairs, our products can contribute to the overall well-being of any workforce in any office environment.

Need to make your office more worker-friendly? Get in touch with our sales team or choose from our current collection of ergonomic desks Melbourne workspaces generally use.

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Ergonomic Sit Stand Adjustable Height Desks

Ergonomics in the Workplace

Ergonomics involves arranging a workplace, systems, and equipment to make them user-friendly. It also focuses on the comfort and safety of employees while they work. If the chair or desk frequently causes discomfort after a long day at work, the furniture may not be ergonomic.                                                                                                   

Modern workspaces are now being designed to enhance overall health and work performance. This involves arranging or using furniture, equipment, and systems that guarantee a pleasant and secure working environment.

Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desks

Central to this trend are ergonomic height-adjustable sit-stand desks, which are widely used in modern offices. Many people now choose adjustable office desks that allow them to switch between sitting and standing.

The reasons for this are clear. Health professionals concur that extended periods of sitting can result in various health issues, including lower back pain and heart disease. Additionally, employees should avoid sitting for more than 30 minutes, let alone eight consecutive hours.

As part of our efforts to promote healthy workplaces, Rose Office Furniture offers a range of electric height-adjustable ergonomic desks. This modern furniture can seamlessly transition between sitting and standing heights, giving employees the option to stand for several minutes in between long hours of sitting in front of the computer.

Other benefits that standing desks provide include:

  • Reduced risk of body pain, namely lower back pain
  • Standing burns more calories than sitting (though no substitute for exercise)
  • Standing also tones your muscles, namely ones not in use while seated
  • Keeping employees in white-collar jobs physically active
  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction among employees
  • Ease of moving from place to place when necessary

Our height-adjustable desks come in a range of models and styles that fit any budget, like the Davis Adjustable Height Desk. The user can shift between sitting and standing positions at will or change the desk height to their desired setting. Standing desks are a great way to improve your productivity and well-being at work.

Standing desks aren't designed to work without the humble office chair. Naturally, people can't remain in a standing position for hours and will want to sit down soon. Fortunately, Rose Office Furniture has a broad collection of ergonomic office chairs in stock that complements any standing desk you choose.

How to Choose a Height-Adjustable Standing Desk?

The user's height is the most important factor in choosing an ergonomic standing desk. Every desk has a minimum and maximum height, but you'd want one that'll let you reach the keyboard and mouse comfortably and look at the monitor at eye level, no matter the position.

To simplify your search, consider visiting our showroom in Port Melbourne. Our height-adjustable standing desk options are on display for you to determine the best one for your corporate office. While there, you can also view our selection of office chairs or ask our sales team for advice.

Click and Collect Your Sit-and-Stand Desk

Rose Office Furniture's Click and Collect system lets you pick up your standing desk order days after you buy it online.  Our staff will notify you via email or SMS when it's ready for pick-up, and we can also accommodate specific pick-up times upon request.

You can pick up your order from the Dispatch section of our office, just behind the showroom. Please note that large inventory orders aren't eligible for Click and Collect.

Experience the Benefits of a Standing Desk Today

Your work may be important, but so is making sure you're healthy enough to get it done. Put your work stuff on top of an ergonomic height-adjustable standing desk today and experience its benefits. Buy one today!