Managerial Desks

Managers need their own desks and at Rose Office Furniture we have a wide range of managerial desks to suit almost any space or taste you may have.

From the smaller Pecan and Enyo desks for the space conscious to the larger L shaped Caramel, Aida and Crystal to name a few. These managerial desks are available in different colours and styles as well – from darker browns to white and the choice between L Shaped workstations or standard rectangular desks.

Manager Desks Online

Like all our products, you are free to order your manager desks online for delivery across the Melbourne Metro area – for orders outside of 50kms, please call our office on 1300 767 363, and our friendly team will work out a solution for you.

Manager Desks Melbourne

If you would prefer to come into our showroom and see our manager desks for yourself, we are conveniently located at 520-540 Spencer Street, West Melbourne. Our professional team will help you to choose the right desk and office furniture for your needs and budget.