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Understanding the Different Types of Work Desks

Work desks are as ubiquitous in an office as the seating furniture they’re paired with and the staff who uses them. We sometimes take them for granted, not realising that they do most of the heavy lifting – literally. Its sturdy build can hold up plenty of weight, and the assortment of drawers and cabinets provide ample space for documents and supplies.

However, a desk is more than a robust, level surface. As one of the first things employees and guests see when they walk into an office, it’s also a defining statement. Getting every worker an executive desk may seem a nice gesture, but that risks undercutting its value. It defeats the purpose of being “executive” in the first place (not to mention a great way to break the bank).

So the next time you plan to expand your office or outfit a new workstation, understand there’s a desk for every business function and occasion. Let this guide help you find the right type of office table, all of which are available here at Rose Office Furniture.

Rose Executive desk

Let’s start with the desk type from earlier: executive desks. These are made for managers and executives – anyone high enough to warrant their own private workstation. With their large size and distinctive design, they convey a sense of authority and power. Every square inch of our executive desks in Melbourne is optimised for every office-related function. Some of these features include:

  • Dedicated space for a PC tower
  • Hidden cable management system
  • Large storage drawers and cabinets
  • Height adjustability (some models)
  • Slots for documents and stationeries

While you can find some of these in other types, executive desks often have all or most. This setup helps bosses manage their responsibilities and routines more easily. After all, heading a department or organisation isn’t a walk in the park.

Managerial desk

Managerial desks fulfil the same nature of work as their executive counterparts but lack the latter’s versatility. They make up for it with a larger tabletop surface, allowing managers to have everything they need in front of them while working.

Considering a typical executive desk’s hefty price tag, some companies opt for a managerial desk for their department heads. Some table models even sport limited storage shelves and drawers. In fact, the high clearance of these managerial tables enables separate storage furniture like pedestals to be placed below. This furniture combo will save you more than an entire executive desk.

Task desk

Taking the term literally, every office desk is a task desk because it helps fulfil office tasks. However, a task desk’s design depends on the task it’ll be used for. Because of this, a task table can come in various sizes and forms, sometimes overlapping with other types of ergonomic desk furniture.

It’s safe to say task desks are the quintessential office worktable for every kind of employee. Whether it’s a single basic table or workstation shared by several people, it’s hard not to find an ergonomic desk for every situation. Certain desk models even come with storage drawers and hidden cable management systems.

In an era where remote and hybrid models are becoming more common, a task desk is ideal for outfitting a home office. You can save money by pairing the home office table with things that can hold your pens and documents, such as old mugs or file organisers. Setting up your workplace at home doesn’t have to get too pricey.

Sit-stand desk

What kind of office worker works standing? Surprisingly, everyone.

For the longest time, health experts have been sounding the alarm about how sitting for long hours every day increases one’s health risk. The Better Health Channel even called this issue “the new smoking” due to its connection to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other illnesses.

If you want to encourage your staff to be more physically active, ergonomic sit-stand desks are best for this case. With their built-in electric motors, these tables can shift between sitting and standing positions. With the push of a button, the work desk will go up or down to the user’s desired setting, all while ensuring a level surface.

This doesn’t mean anyone should spend eight hours a day standing – that’s as bad as sitting all day. However, by shifting between sitting and standing every half hour or so, workers can mitigate their risk of health problems. It benefits workplace managers by lessening the risk of their employees calling in sick, thereby enhancing productivity.


As mentioned earlier, workstations are desks for multiple people. While the largest type of desk unit-wise, its actual workspaces are separated by fixed or modular partitions. Single workstations can accommodate at least two people and their stuff, depending on the table design.

While not as spacious and feature-rich as the other table styles, a workstation is built around maximising an office’s productivity with sheer numbers of workers. A partitioned space is usually enough if they can do their job with one PC. This arrangement benefits workplaces that manage dozens of employees, such as call centres.

The cost of a single workstation can reach four figures. But considering that it’s built for two users or more, it can be a cost-effective solution. It can also be partitioned beyond its original capacity by buying and installing additional partition boards or bays, increasing the savings. That said, don’t hesitate to buy another workstation if the space can’t get any smaller.

Corner desk

For the workplace that wants to make the most out of every square metre of office space, there are the aptly termed corner office desks. Also called an L-shaped desk, this design allows the table to be placed in corners.

Some executive and managerial desk designs are L-shaped, but they aren’t the kind of tables you can find filling up a blind corner. As such, these usually pertain to task desks and workstations.

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The traditional work environment uses multiple kinds of office desks due to the specific roles they fulfil, and it does so without blowing the budget. Here are some guidelines to help you decide.

  • An executive desk for the highest-ranking staff member or receptionist
  • Managerial desks for department heads who don’t have their own rooms
  • Task desks for workers whose jobs necessitate storage and other features
  • Sit-and-stand desks as an alternative to task desks
  • Workstations for workplaces with a substantial workforce

If you still can’t decide, asking a professional won’t hurt. Find out why our clients are satisfied with our products and services. Call Rose Office Furniture today for all your office desk needs!

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