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Ergonomic Office Chairs for Better Comfort and Productivity

The average office worker spends equal or more time sitting in the office than they do sleeping. As if sitting in an uncomfortable position isn't bad enough, sitting on a poorly designed office chair can put undue stress on a person's lumbar or lower back area. The result is an increase in the risk of lower back pain, which can persist for a really long time.

When you're spending up to eight hours a day in your office chair, it makes sense you want to invest in something that can improve your posture and maximise productivity. A good ergonomic office chair, like our Bentley Managerial Chair, can do this. Keeping your spine at the proper angle means less pain and fatigue throughout the day.

Rose Office Furniture offers an extensive collection of modern ergonomic office chairs and desk chairs. The chairs are designed with backrests that follow or conform to the natural curvature of the human spine. With these chairs, you can get the following:

Increased comfort and lumbar support

If you've been using the same office chair for years, it may be time for an upgrade. Newer models can help reduce the strain on your body and allow you to work more efficiently throughout the day. Our Josh Deluxe Chair offers high-quality contoured foam padding, giving your back the perfect support when sitting.

Savings in time and money

Rose Office Furniture's ergonomic chairs are designed better and built to last. We provide nothing short of the best office chairs that use high-quality components and feature useful mechanisms, which allows us to provide our customers with office chairs made for the long haul. Imagine the savings in time otherwise lost and health-related expenses businesses can achieve with these investments.

Improved productivity

Aching back? Sore shoulders? Fatigued? If you feel any of these symptoms regularly, looking into a new office chair (or convincing your boss to upgrade the whole office) may be worth it. Chances are that if you're experiencing these issues, your colleagues may be too. With ergonomic office chairs, businesses can keep the number of people calling in sick due to back-related problems to a minimum.

Our Tips for Searching for a Good Office Chair

There are several things to consider when in the market for a good ergonomic office chair. Naturally, lumbar support, comfort, and durability take priority, as people will sit on them for most of their working days. But a good office chair’s design should also suit the workplace and shouldn't break the bank.

It's also important to study an ergonomic chair's features. Does it have a swivel function? Can the user elevate the chair to their desired height? Is it upholstered with genuine or vegan leather? Is the colour and style right for the office?

It's one thing to look at the pictures of our best office chairs on our website, but it's another thing to see them up close and personal. Fortunately, you can drop by Rose Office Furniture's large showroom in Port Melbourne to inspect the ergonomic chairs you're eyeing. You can also take the opportunity to browse our collection of other office furniture pieces.

A stylish design doesn't have to be compromised by lumbar support, comfort and durability, or vice-versa. We believe that a workplace can have an ergonomic office chair that balances these qualities and doesn't break the budget. With both classic designs, like our Aki Task Chair, and contemporary options, like our Friar Managerial Chair, we're sure you'll find the perfect ergonomic chair for your budget.

Pick Up an Ergonomic Chair with Just a Few Clicks

Ergonomic chairs are some of our items that you can purchase quickly. Through our Click and Collect system at no extra cost, you can purchase any ergonomic chair from our website and have it ready for pick-up within hours. We can release it either in flat pack form, to be assembled at your convenience, or already assembled for immediate use.

If you're too far for a pick-up, we also offer fast delivery within Victoria. Rose Office Furniture will make every effort to fulfil your order within two to five business days of the date of making the purchase.

Enhance Your Workplace with Ergonomic Chairs

Any office deserves the best desk chair options on offer at Rose Office Furniture. To get started, choose from our various desk chair selections.