Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Coffee & Side Tables - The Underrated Hero of Any Reception Area 

Coffee and side tables are often seen as just another piece of furniture in a reception area. However, these humble tables can be the unsung heroes of any reception area, providing practical and aesthetic benefits that can elevate the space to new heights.

Coming in various shapes, sizes, colours and designs, the Nara is an excellent addition to any reception décor. At Rose Office Furniture we believe a well-placed table can add style and character to any reception space. Having a multitude of designs and colours, we're sure you'll find the perfect coffee or side table to match your Reception Desk or lounge and create a cohesive look. 

An advantages of having coffee tables in a reception area is the convenience they provide to visitors. At Rose Office Furniture our coffee and side tables offer large and spacious surfaces for drinks, snacks, books, or décor making a waiting experience more comfortable and enjoyable.